Lessons come from Unexpected places

Lessons come from Unexpected places


I have just had a friend send me a picture on Snapchat of her toddler hiding behind a curtain with the caption “this makes me invisible.”

I sent back this picture wishing I could be made invisible.


Weekend Family Fun

I have had a weekend full of family. We got together to discuss my late grandmother’s estate. It went far better than I ever expected but was still a roller coaster of emotions for many different reasons.

I have been living by myself for the last 3 months and have come to absolutely love it. It has become my safe peaceful haven where I work on my business and can hide from the world.

I got home last night to an unexpected house guest who just wouldn’t stop talking.  Luckily, they went out for dinner. Then I went to bed before they got home.

Universe Providing

On my vision board this year I asked for a house where I could host dinners and hold small events. I got the house but have not hosted one dinner or one event. The universe provided but I have taken it all for granted.

I feel like the last few days has been about the universe testing me to make sure I know what I really really want. (YES like the Spice Girls song).


Before I started writing this I felt really drained and was going to go to bed early but the Snapchat interaction with my friend excited me enough to write this post – small but with a few important messages.

  • The importance of self-care and listening to what your body needs.  What does your body need right now? Are you listening?
  • Taking things for granted – Have you asked yourself what am I grateful for today? Who am I grateful for and do I let them know enough?
  • Making the most of opportunities – You never know how long a door will remain open, make a decision to act or not act. But don’t stare so long the that the door closes before you have decided what action you want to take. You never know how long the opportunity will last for or if it will ever present itself again, make the most of them.

Lessons can come from anywhere and maybe you are saying you have read too much into this Mandy but at the end of the day, the unexpected house visitor has shown me a lot of which I can only be grateful for.

I will leave you with this question

What and Who are you grateful for today?