UPDATED | What does a PASSION filled life mean to me?

UPDATED | What does a PASSION filled life mean to me?

When I originally wrote this blog post it came from the heart.  I truly believed my process helped me live my most passionate life every day.

In my 9-5 I have been doing a lot of work on Strategy which got me thinking about enablers vs differentiators.  What I mean by enablers are the building blocks, the base of the house, the things that you have to do to keep healthy, safe, etc. etc.  Differentiators are the things that set you apart, and take you further

I realised the original post was mostly about enablers.  The things that helped me live day to day.

Then I started to feel like a fraud (partly why you haven’t heard from me for a while).  I call myself a Passion Coach and all I have been doing lately is concentrating on the enablers.  I have been staying in my comfort zone, not pushing myself at all, letting life past me by with not much thought.  I wrote a list of all the things I really wanted to try lately but fear, laziness, or excuses had got in the way and I have started doing them.


  • I applied for a job in the coaching, learning and development field at work
  • Booked myself into Round the Bays run
  • Started writing a weekly newsletter at wellness at work
  • We went to Rainbows End for work and I went on all the rides (other than one, that I knew would make me feel sick)


It is early days but the list is growing and things are slowly and surely getting ticked off


I am not saying enablers are not important but don’t just concentrate on them or allow them to run your life


When was the last time you did something that scared you? 


When was the last time you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone? 


When you think about your life do you get excited by it? 


When was the last time you did something you feel passionate about? 


All these things mean different things to different people

  • fear
  • comfort zone
  • excitement
  • passionate

Challenge yourself


Do something that you have always wanted to do but allowed fear, laziness, or excuses to get in the way.  Put a date on it and make it happen.


What is the worse that can happen?


What would happen if you didn’t do it? Would you regret it?  


Don’t live with regret, take action and make things happen


Some of the best things I have ever done I was scared about to begin with.  I can’t imagine a world where I never did them.

Original blog post: August 2017

My passion filled life is not exactly glamorous or what you might call passion filled.  The whole point of this is everyone is different and that means the answer to this question is different for everyone.  Hence the title “My passion filled life.” 


I have a process I follow that ensures I remember to include things I love doing, helps me reflect and also helps me keep healthy and strong to continue to be able to do the things I love.  I wanted to share this process with you and share a few things I am passionate about as well.


My process (I know I know – some people don’t like processes) starts with asking myself the following questions:


 “Has my life become settled, comfortable, routine?”

(Not challenging myself enough? Not taking myself out of my comfort zone enough, am I fulfilled?)


“Am I busy, being “busy”?”  

(am I hiding from something)


If I answer yes then there are a few more questions that also need to be asked


Am I happy?


Is there anything that needs changing or tweaking?




Does life feel boring and mundane?

If so, then I am probably stuck in a bit of rut.  It is time to make some bigger changes.


I created a list of things I like to incorporate into my week.  I asked myself the following questions to help me create the list:

  • What are the important things in my life? What are my values?
  • What do I love to do? What things give me enjoyment?
  • What things help me do the things I love?  What things keep me healthy and strong – mind & body?
  • Have I helped anyone lately? Given back? (not just money, time)


I find the list acts as a good reminder.  I don’t necessarily sit down every week and plan out exactly what I am going to do over the coming days.  That takes out the fun, adventure and chance for spontaneity. I try to incorporate at least one of these things a day, well the fun stuff.


Some of the list needs to happen every day or at least every other day.  To live the life I want to live I need to be healthy and strong – mind & body.  These things need to be incorporated more regularly .


I love to take photographs so if I can my camera comes everywhere with me. My handbag was chosen specifically for that reason.  It has a compartment that keeps my camera safe and I can still carry a laptop and everything else that I need.  My phone is the handy alternative if I don’t have my camera with me


My handbag also nearly always carries around a book as well.  I love to read and I don’t always get the opportunity.  I carry it around everywhere I go just in case I get the opportunity, on the bus on the way to work, or on the way home, waiting for someone.  You get my drift.


The trick is making things as easy as possible to make things happen – take the thought process out of it.  My handbag is huge and I do get a sore shoulder so my handbag is also a backpack.  I hear you saying ah you have thought about this a lot.  I know – the backpack saves the shoulders and everything is in my bag so it is there and easily accessible.


I also don’t try to plan out too much as I like to be flexible and if I have a busy week I like the opportunity to take time out for me either by the ocean or in some form of nature.


Being present is also an important part of my passion filled life.  When I am doing things I love and that are important I try to be as present as possible.  I put away my phone and I try not get distracted.  I want the people in my life to know that they are important.  I can do that by being fully present with them.


I like to try out new things, things I haven’t done before.  Part of my philosophy is if you don’t try something how do you know if you like it or not.  It is about saying YES to life.  The next thing on my list to try is a painting class.  This class requires no prior experience and there is a tutor there that talks you through all the steps.  I am looking forward to trying this out in September. I will let you know how I get on.


It won’t always be possible to do everything you love – we only have so many hours in a day.  If we are always doing the stuff we love then you may not always appreciate the good stuff.  It isn’t about beating yourself up either.  It is about baby steps and slowly integrating things you love one step at a time.


I don’t always get it right.  This week for me has been long hours at work because that is what needs to be done this week.  For me, it is just making sure this doesn’t become a regular pattern. It is being aware, taking time to reflect and checking in with myself from time to time.  I spent so many years just letting life slip me by.  I forgot what I love and I forgot my values.  I am changing my life around to make it work for me.


What changes can you make to incorporate more things that you love doing, bring you joy and that you are passionate about? 


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