32 days of Kindness – How to Join in? (2019)

32 days of Kindness – How to Join in? (2019)

(This was run in 2019 – It is now completed) 
As the saying goes, a little kindness goes a long way, then how far could a LOT of kindness go?
Let’s find out!!
Global Kindness Day is on 13th November.
It’s our hope to spread kindness far and wide, starting from the 13th October we are looking to inundate New Zealand with thousands of acts of kindness in the run-up to Global Kindness Day and beyond #kindnesseveryday.
The more acts of kindness that you do, and we all do, the more kindness and empathy and joy we can share #rippleeffect.
At the same time we’re setting an example to others, and showing how these things add up to make the world, and our experience in it – better.
So what’s an act of kindness?
Here are some ideas to get you started:
🌿Smile at the person serving you in the shop. (That might not seem like much, it might mean the world to someone having a rough time)
🌿 Buy a ‘pay it forward’ coffee for someone, next time you get one for yourself.
🌿 randomly pay for someone’s groceries
🌿Give someone flowers, they can be picked out of your garden at home.
🌿Put a hot water bottle in someone’s bed for them
🌿 Sit and listen to someone – I mean really listen.
What does kindness look like/ feel like to you?
Did you know that acts of kindness have a positive impact on the giver, the receiver and anyone watching it happen?
Being kind to others is really good for your mental health!
So pledge to be kind, and share it with us to inspire others. You can use the template we have created for you
Use the #kindnesseveryday and don’t forget to tag us Inundating New Zealand with 5000 Random Acts of Kindness (@kindnesseverydaynz)


I can’t wait to see what you pledge and what you do!!!!
Share this post and let’s start to see kindness ripple.
I look forward to seeing you get on board
Mandy – Kindness Advocate


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