Are you Hiding, Waiting or Both?

Are you Hiding, Waiting or Both?

I had a realisation a couple of weeks ago that I have been hiding and waiting.

I hear you say

Hiding from what, Mandy?

Waiting for what, Mandy?


  • The way I dress – lots of baggy clothing.
  • Busy being busy – not working on things that will move me forward.
  • Not saying what I truly think or feel, due to fear of judgement or not being liked.
  • Being overweight – feeling that no one will notice me this way.



  • Till I lose weight.
  • Until I gain approval or permission.
  • For things and timing to be perfect.


I am going to a leadership course in Bali at the end of the October.  I wasn’t sure why I needed to go but I knew I needed this course and it couldn’t wait.  The course is being run by Kate O’Brien and Henare O’Brien.  They are both very visible on social media, you could say ‘out there’ – ‘loud’ in their messaging and wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea (note to self: no one is).


Since I booked I have had all these realisations.  I was walking down the street, a couple of weeks ago, and I felt like I was being screamed out “STOP HIDING.”  It kept on coming up in many different moments and forms since then.  Then there was the realisation that for this business to make any progress I needed to stop hiding.  If I wasn’t making progress I wouldn’t be able to help women to live more passionate, successful lives, on their terms.


I nearly didn’t share this with you, as I felt as a coach, I should have it together, all the time.  Then that voice appeared again STOP HIDING.


I am worthy now, I don’t have to wait until I have lost weight or gain approval.  What if I never lose the weight or never gain the approval or permission I have been waiting for?

Will I end up regretting the fact I never took action?


Is there somewhere in your life where you are waiting?


If you’re waiting for the approval of others, parents, friends, or society – you will be waiting Forever.  Everyone will give you an opinion – wanted or not.  At the end of the day, the only opinion and approval that matters is your OWN!!!!


Is there somewhere in your life where you are hiding?


Hiding is an excuse not to acknowledge who you are.  Not being authentically you is like wearing a mask every day and hoping people see the REAL you.


I have always felt I have had a message to share which cannot be done while hiding.


*This is how I have felt in the past  – like something wants to jump out of me and fly

It requires me to be visible.  Which made me realise I need to get speaking and sharing my thoughts either by social media or at events (side note: new goal).


Acknowledge what you are hiding from or waiting for, and then take some action.  Take yourself out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself, and then keep doing it.  The more and more you do it, the less of a hold it will have on you.  The more you will feel comfortable doing it.


I may not always get it right. I don’t have to be perfect, as long as I am trying, taking action, making movement forward, learning and growing that is what is important.


Where do you need to stop hiding and waiting? What action can you take?  





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